Digital Marketing News #108 – BankSimple, Mobile Payments, Anonymous Facebook

Digital Marketing News #108 - BankSimple, Mobile Payments, Anonymous Facebook

Story #1 Mobile banking on the rise with new start-up companies BankSimple, a New York City-based mobile bank start-up, has raised million in preparation for a launch later this year. CEO Josh Reich announced it will collaborate with Visa for its banking cards and will leverage partnerships with BanCorp and CBW, which are both FCID insured. According to the company blog, “BankSimple is designed to replace your bank, and while we focus on crafting a uniquely personal, information-rich customer experience, we rely on best-of-breed partners to provide core back-end payments and banking infrastructure”. The service will use smartphone technology to add transparency to the banking process and eliminate surprise fees. This is indicative of the growing trend and need for mobile banking, created by our on-the-go society. Story #2 Consumers losing trust in popular social and tech companies And in what is perhaps good news for BankSimple, a recent study conducted by Ogilvy & Mather, an international communications agency, found that for mobile payments, consumers trust credit card companies such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express — over technology brands, including Facebook, Google and Apple. A number of mobile payment technologies have surfaced in the past few years, including Google Wallet and a new Paypal app allows Android users to make payments with one another by tapping their devices together. The mobile commerce market is in high demand, as we find that consumers
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