Digital Marketing Workshop – Tools, Tips and Techniques

Digital Marketing Workshop – Tools, Tips and Techniques
Event on 2013-03-26 10:00:00

Do you struggle to make sense of digital marketing?

Are you confused about what digital marketing channels to use and how to use them?

This digital marketing workshop will provide you with practical tools tips and techniques to give your business momentum, by generating more leads and helping convert them to sales prospects.

  • It will be a clear, jargon free explanation.
  • It will help you avoid costly mistakes by showing you which digital marketing techniques to use.
  • And, it will give you confidence to implement digital marketing yourself or brief someone else to do it for you.

Workshop Content:

 The Foundations:

  • Keywords – what are they and why are they so important
  • Your website – how to make your site attract visitors and convert to customers

 The Specifics:

  • Simple how to guides and when to use social media – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – What is it? Why is it important?  And how to implement it?
  • Content Marketing – making use of your expertise to attract and engage prospective customers.
  • Email – the most effective digital marketing tool – best practice tips and techniques
  • Pay-Per-Click and Landing Pages – when to use them and how.

 The Plan:

  • How to decide what to use.
  • How to make it happen.

 Who Should Attend?

  • Small to medium size business owners that want to make the most of cost effective digital marketing channels
  • Managers, and directors of businesses that want a better understanding of digital marketing so they can brief their staff or suppliers.

at Brownsover Hall Hotel
Old Brownsover
Rugby, United Kingdom

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