Digital Nomads Workshop – January 2016 Edition

Digital Nomads Workshop – January 2016 Edition
Event on 2016-01-08 19:00:00
Train Your Digital Skills The Digital Nomads Workshop is a hands-on training course held in Brussels by digital communication coach Ciprian Begu, in collaboration with the Hebe Expat Network in Belgium. The structure is 2h:30min modules, every Wednesday evening at Betacowork, in the ICAB business incubator near Metro Petillion. The sessions are a combination of presentations, live demos, case studies and individual exercises meant to introduce you to the mentality, practice and tools of a strategic digital communicator. To increase your focus you are encouraged to choose a cause (business, institution, NGO or any brand for that matter) and envision how you would apply what you learn to the promotion of that cause. The 4 weekly modules are structured as follows: Module 1: Going Digital The first module is about you getting a grip on the basics of digital communication in today’s environment. Together, we’re going to analyse the essence of your particular cause and take a close look at your audience. Then, we’ll explore the transformative impact technology has had on the way people communicate and how you can take advantage of this. We will also explore the do’s and dont’s of online culture, dominated by the so-called ‘digital native’. Finally, we’ll see what each major digital communication tool is about (e-mail newsletters, Facebook pages, websites, youtube channels, etc.) Module 2: Social Media Strategies What makes each social media channel uniquely useful? In this session, we’ll showcase the features of the main social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and others. We’ll take demonstrations of effective social media use. We’ll also go over the various pitfalls and faux-pas of social media etiquette, and, in the process, learn how to deal with the most feared creature of the Internet jungle: the common troll. Module 3: Become a Great Content Marketer A brand that strategically and regularly posts on their online channels content that is useful for their audience will be considerably benefited by increased traffic, increased brand interactions and, ultimately, increased conversions. In this session, we will go through the steps of creating a Core Content Strategy Statement for your chosen cause and thus, at the end, you will have a valuable reference point when deciding what content to create or curate on your online channels. We will also experience a simple yet effective content sharing workflow that includes the complementary use of two online tools. Module 4: Creating Attractive Content Content creation is at the heart of succesful digital communication. From blogs, social media postings and newsletters, to pictures, videos and podcasts, great content is always in demand. And if you have a cause to promote via digital channels, you have to know how to create content, or, if you hire someone else to do it, you have know how to evaluate it. This session is focused on what effective content looks like, how to write headlines, how to begin a post and how to keep the reader engaged through psychological triggers. At the end we’ll also dip our feet into Canva – a revolutionary online design tool – and learn how you can quickly create high quality graphics to complement your texts, without having to be a designer. Testimonials “I participated in two of the Digital Nomads workshops organised by Ciprian. I was impressed by his ability to explain how to think digitally and understand the need of social media users. Also, Ciprian has the talent to make digital concepts, tools and strategies easy to understand.” (Andrei Florea, Policy Officer at the European Commission) “Ciprian’s workshops are interesting, well backed up and coherent. They give a solid introduction to the digital world and equip with practical knowledge that can be of a great use at your daily job.” (Joanna Chodyla, Global Communications & Change Support at UCB) “I was pleasantly surprised with Ciprian’s social media knowledge and passion, a drive that goes beyond the seminar itself, by him offering his candid advice and expertise to the group’s specific business interests. I highly recommend his workshops.” (Aura Martinez Schifflers, Communication and PR Professional)  

at Betacowork Brussels (inside the ICAB Incubator, Room Planes II)
4 Rue des Pères Blancs
Brussels, Belgium

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