Digital Solutions for Common Problems in Medical Practice

Digital Solutions for Common Problems in Medical Practice
Event on 2015-03-11 18:00:00

Modern medical practice now comes with a new set of challenges online. Private practitioners must audit their online business practice like many other entrepreneurs for success while staying within the highly professional framework of the medical field.  

In addition to the difficult in navigating the online arena, there are also many more tools available to doctors to improve the efficiency of their practice. What softwares can actually improve patient care and private practice?

In this informational seminar learn how to: 

• Respond to bad online reviews 

• Decide on professional website design

• The pros and cons of social media for doctors 

• Software and tools to help improve medical practice 

• Have your most pressing questions answered by experts in technology and digital strategy 


About the Speakers:

Quicklyy Smart Scheduling System


Award-winning, Quicklyy Smart Scheduling System, digitizes patient scheduling and improves patient care and private practice efficiency by allowing doctors to see patients sooner.Quicklyy stands apart from other scheduling software thanks to it's smart technology which can fill late cancelation spots and identify trends in scheduling so doctors can schedule their clinic times with efficiency in mind. QuicklyY also allows doctors to see patients sooner thanks to instant appointments and digitized wait lists.

QuicklyY representatives will answer questions about trends in the digitization of medicine, health records, and appointment scheduling.


Social Buzz Pros

Social Buzz Pros is a full service social media management, online marketing, web design, and search engine optimization agency specializing in the health care and medical industry. Social Buzz Pros has helped physicians improve their private practice and patient care by improving user experience online. 

Social Buzz Pros representatives will answer questions about online marketing trends that can be used by physicians for more business and also how to improve business and deal with nasty reviews.

at Social Buzz Pros
7315 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, United States

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