Digital Writing and Branding Series

Digital Writing and Branding Series
Event on 2014-10-21 13:00:00

Digital Writing and Branding 

6 x 2 hour Digital Writing Sessions.

Session 1 – 21 October – JG2005

First Questions How to start? How to brand yourself? Look at some award-winning Blogs and websites and see what might work for you. Jenny Lawson. Erik Wemple. Jason Kottke. Heidi Swanson. Mark Forsyth.


Session 2 – 28 October – JG3011

Digital Worlds

Writing in Cyber Space. Blog writing, Facebook interventions, Twitter, Texts, Serial writing. Looking at works that have been written on line., writing magazine forums, online writing, transcription, data entry, ebooks.   


Session 3 – 11 November – JG3011

Virtual Site

Setting up a virtual site. Trying out ideas. Working as a group or individually. Skills sharing. Collaborative writing. Text, quotes, dialogue, story structure, life writing, interface with the public. How much engagement and how little. To reply or not. Generic responses and personal feeds.


Session 4 – 18 November – JG3011


Gifs. Moving image. Utube, How to make the moving and the live work and maximise your audience. Clips. Stills. Image versus Writing. What form fits what site. How to take the same writing and adapt it. Language, tone, form, style.


Session 5 – 25 November – JG3011


SEO. Hashtags. Off page activity. Looking at the jargon: Google Analytics, Social Activity, Technical Audit, Content Analysis, Disruptive Tactics, E Commerce, Hosting. Apps.


Session 6 – 9 December – JG3011

Putting Into Practice

Putting things into practice. Seeing evidence of choices and research. How many likes per page? How many re-tweets? How to gauge what works. How different things work for different mediums. Who is your audience? The best time to post things. In the UK. Worldwide. What works at what time. Maximising impact.

at Kingston University Kingston Hill Campus
Kingston Hill
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom

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