Directable Signage Application Approved for Use with Sonys New Android TVs

Directable, a leading provider of affordable Dynamic Digital Marketing solutions for business, announced today that its Directable digital signage system has been tested and approved for use with Sonys new line of Android TVs. Customers who purchase any of Sonys Android TVs can go to the Google Play Store and download the Directable Digital Signage application for free. Once installed, there is a complimentary 30 day trial.

John Norton, President of Directable said, we are excited about running Directable on Sonys Android TVs. Working with Sony, we can provide a high-end digital signage solution at price point that will be attractive to a business of any size. The new Sony TVs range from 43 to 75 in both HD and 4K Ultra HD. They are available at Amazon and Best Buy, making them very easy for our customers to buy.

Nick Colsey, Vice President of Business Development at Sony said, Directable is a great example of the power of Sonys Android TV platform. Our Android TVs are now computing systems that can be employed for many useful business purposes outside of entertainment.

About Directable

Directable Inc. provides Dynamic Digital Marketing technologies to businesses that helps them to engage their audience and increase sales. For example, a restaurant owner can direct a special to one or more TVs in real time. The Directable Digital Signage solution is updated via the cloud using Wi-Fi. The unique design of the system results in low installation costs, affordable operation and the ability to add new features on demand.

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