Disaster response robot will inspect the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor building #DigInfo

Disaster response robot will inspect the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor building www.diginfo.tv DigInfo TV – diginfo.tv 19 Japan Robot Week 2012 Chiba Institute of Technology Sakura
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24 Responses to Disaster response robot will inspect the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor building #DigInfo

  1. im3ngs says:

    This is assuming that the staircases are all intact and that there is not major debris/obstacles in the way.

  2. soldier9599 says:

    Look it was supposed to be a joke–apparently a poor attempt. I don’t know why I even explained it.

  3. Dsdversbe Strike says:

    do you know of any kamakazi nuclear physicists then?

  4. animes25 says:

    do you remember the He-Man vehicle? this is a new Attak Trak version 😀

  5. soldier9599 says:

    Let me spell it out for you before you get further confused. The Japanese are known for making the ultimate sacrifice for their country even when considered absurd. Kamikaze pilots are a prime example of such suicidal missions, using the name Kamikaze only in memory of the “divine winds” which saved Japan from Mongol invasions. Going into these plants on foot would be far more effective than using a robot, but it would be suicidal, and take the same kind of person as a Kamikaze mission.

  6. soldier9599 says:

    You really don’t get it at all do you?

  7. Dsdversbe Strike says:

    kamikaze means god wind….you can’t create much wind using your feet

  8. MrPantsuLover says:

    sakura BANZAAAI

  9. soldier9599 says:

    They have feet too, you know.

  10. SlowRkers says:

    Soon to be change bro~ todays news i read this morning says many market is shifting away from china towards india,indonesia and thailand due pay increase demand from china workers~

  11. Dsdversbe Strike says:

    u want them to fly into a nuclear power plant? wut?

  12. Haerodiel says:

    That’s awful. I feel bad for giggling.

  13. Haerodiel says:

    Nice to see one of these robots put to serious practical use. :)

  14. jonismack1 says:

    a rhino from wh40k?

  15. jose luis says:

    Its like little Ghost in the Shell tv series helper robots.

  16. JamesCadeyrn says:

    slap some 2 inch thick steel sheets and attach some chainsaws and flamethrowers and you have the best fighting robot ever

  17. FaxingMars says:

    Future gadget lab?

  18. GigawingsVideo says:

    I think that thing need to be designed so it can still work when it turned upside down.

  19. forfluf says:

    I would be very impressed on the one thing they didn’t show, was the robot climbing the circular stair case. Maybe it can’t.

  20. faiz434 says:

    And China still continues to produce majority of products used by everyone around the world.

  21. soldier9599 says:

    Isn’t this what Kamikaze pilots are for?

  22. soldier9599 says:

    If you’re going to choose to speak English, try not using incoherent fragments spaced apart by ellipses. No one can understand you.

  23. magmasceptre says:

    new Shagohod

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