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Matt Cutts explains the “Disavow links” feature of Google Webmaster Tools. Learn more about how to use the disavow links feature on our blog and in our Help Center: googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com support.google.com Access the feature here: www.google.com More webmaster resources: www.google.com
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20 Responses to Disavow links

  1. Rosie Whiteley says:

    The tool works, it helped us get a 7month old penalty finally removed… That you Google!

  2. catinatube says:

    Haters gonna hate. Love your work guys.

  3. Julia Tsibanova says:


  4. רם גואטה says:

    sometimes it much simple to just change the domain to a new one and drop those blocked domains…

  5. phale617 says:

    Matt Cutts is a tool

  6. webtrend says:

    Google got much worse after that Matt Cutts. Once this guy decided to change the classification criterias, Google got much worse, with results completely absurd and they try to fix errors with more and more mistakes.

  7. webtrend says:

    I have had 3 reconsideration request and all were denied. At last request nobody answered me. The fact is that my site has been penalized for alleged artificial links that don’t exists, but Google doesn’t remove the penalty, and don’t respond my reconsideration requests. Google is increasingly creating havoc on the Internet with misleading results and penalizing with obscure criteria. All these measures are ineffective links and will create more problems than solutions.

  8. nielsencl2 says:

    Exactly. Who is Google to decided for everyone else what is relevant or good? If my directory sucks, then let the traffic decide that. This same directory that people are requesting to be removed from used to have a PR several years ago and about 80k uniques a month. The directory only got larger over time and never had any paid links, so what is the problem? I think it is Google’s stupid automated systems that decide what is good and what is bad. They don’t care if you don’t agree…

  9. jeffostroff says:

    Gogole was wrong. Their algorithm changes prove it, they reaized people were paying for thousands of links to their site, they now penalize you for it. Your site is honorable, but unfortunately Google now looks at directory sites like yours as just a link farm or just a list of web site links, trying to duplicate what Dmoz already is. So Google assigns low quality ranking to sites like yours. I’d rather have one link to my site from CNN than 100 from your site under this new Google Algorithm

  10. nielsencl2 says:

    I’m getting more and more emails from people requesting that I remove links to their site. The problem is that I have a DIRECTORY site full of UNPAID and nonreciprocal links. IMO Google has started a link “Witch Hunt” and is getting people to do it’s work. My links aren’t hurting anyone’s sites. If Google says they are, then GOOGLE is hurting people’s sites by the value they assign to a link. I remember when Googlers said “No one can hurt your site be linking to you.” Whatever happened to that?

  11. Lorenzo Temp says:

    Hi srry, how long time take disavow to response? I’ll see a message in WMT?

  12. Ethan Pepper says:

    Could the real purpose of this tool be to help google find sites with spammy links and deindex them? If a site keeps coming up in disavowed links would google use that against those websites?

  13. Damien Wilson says:

    That’s really the impression I got. I’ve been trying to build up my website and I can’t access it because of a unnatural traffic issue.

  14. Damien Wilson says:

    That’s really the impression I got. I’ve been trying to build up my website and I can’t access it because of a unnatural traffic issue.

  15. Damien Wilson says:

    Thanks It’s frustrating I actually bought a custom domain from blogger, and now I have this issue. I’m still trying to fix the problem

  16. Joshua Cabe Johnson says:

    Wow, cool, I can submit our competitors links and weaken their link profile, thanks guys!

  17. Brandon Fry says:

    If you have received a notice from Google for unnatural links or being part of link spam, you might have more luck building and optimizing a new site under a new domain. A clean well built site will perform better for the long term than a trying to fix an old one that has been flagged. Just my 2 cents.

  18. LordGrimmie says:

    Hahaha, he said “porn”.

  19. sometimesgeeky says:

    So now the burden is on the site owners? You know a lot of good site owners out there don’t use Google Webmaster Tools right? I imagine a whole bunch of negative SEO companies is going to spring up now that they know bad links can hurt sites (which Google was claiming the complete opposite not so long ago) It’s bad enough that the EMD update punished good but small sites. Now everyone got to deal with this. How about spending resources to make people actually want to use Google+?

  20. texxs01 says:

    1- Why should we have to do your job? 2- How can we possibly do this when you keep the overwhelming majority of the IBL’s to our sites secret from us?

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