Discussion Boards: Personal Newspaper for People Living with Herpes on STD Dating Site PositiveSingles

Los Angeles California (PRWEB) May 21, 2015

Members on the largest STD dating site, PositiveSingles.com, openly expressed their deepest feelings about the discussion boards on this site in May. They thought the discussion boards were much like their personal newspaper. This topic is pretty popular and it has been discussed for many days among numerous active bloggers.

Why do you read the blogs? a discussion started at the beginning of this month by a male member on this herpes dating site PositiveSingles. (People living with herpes are the largest group on the site). Before posing this question, he said he came to these blogs for a distraction.

I find the discussion boards like my own personal newspaper. There is the sports section when some playoff is going on, always some political debate, religion, life section, hobbies, technology and cooking. (I like that one, lol.) Then my personal favourite — the comics or humor section. That is the section I can turn to for a laugh — usually no strife or discord just a good ol’ belly laugh. Fights and anger are easy to come by; a good belly laugh not so much any more…

Lots of members followed this post. A female member shared that she read discussion boards for inspiration.

Another member shared his view: Because in real life I can’t (wouldn’t dare) openly discuss my herpes. It makes me feel comfortable to be with others and to see what they’re up to in their daily lives.

Some comments are humorous and funny: The boards there are definitely a much needed distraction”; Better than TV; Seems like it gets my mind off other things and that is usually good.”

Obviously, the discussion boards meant a lot for those who are living with STDs. They are comfortable to discuss their health issues, share life stories and talk about their interests in this STD community. Its never too late for people living with an STD to join this site.

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