Disney’s Human Element – Biotechnology Lab

Disney’s Human Element – Biotechnology Lab

Image by Scott Smith (SRisonS)
"Biotechnology Lab – Attached to the Creative Greenhouse, the Biotechnology Lab is a sterile research environment. Several USDA scientists are on-site at The Land, performing research on crop improvement. The Land also produces a product called "Mickey’s Mini Gardens" in the Biotechnology Lab, which are available for purchase in several locations in Epcot."

– Wikipedia

You can also see more information in this July 1996 Article on the USDA website.

And thanks to DugJax for backing away a little for me to get a clean shot. I’m sure that non-photography minded people aren’t as quick to do that…. without a rude "you’re blocking my shot" or something. 😉

Biotechnology Lab
Living With The Land
The Land Pavilion
Walt Disney World, FL

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