Ditch the Dinosaur, Re-Design your Website

Ditch the Dinosaur, Re-Design your Website
Make a list of what pages are ranking, which URL's will change in the re-design, which pages will need a 301 redirect and how you would like to restructure content and the formatting of your site—and how that will impact the keyword density on the …
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Develop an Inbound Marketing Strategy to Increase Website Traffic
Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your website and digital presence as a whole in an effort to increase your search engine appeal, and consequently, your ranking on key terms and phrases in search results. SEO can be an …
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Friday Talking Points — Monkey Business
Software project management, as should now be painfully obvious to everyone, should not be attempted by rank amateurs. The revelation that the fully-integrated system was only tested …. [We hear that the Health and Human Services website is …
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