Divine Mercy Transcription to Extend Its Services to New Zealand

CA, USA (PRWEB) April 01, 2013

The swift transition from the analogue to the digital age has entirely revolutionized the way information was received, processed and transferred almost a century ago. Within a short tenure of about 20 years, the advanced research in the field of computers and software; the unimaginable has been made imaginable. The impact of recent advent to computer technology has had a profound and everlasting effect on every field be it medical, publishers, aeronautics to the most common household practices. Thus, the precious old information needs to be updated to the digital form, in order to be at par with the technological advances.

Divine Mercy Transcription is a trusted name in the field of transcription. The company extends a variety of transcription services including high-grade medical transcriptions, typing services to professors, lawyers, hospitals, universities and even publication houses. Also, Divine Mercy Transcription is a premier medical transcription company that provides instant medical typing services at pocket friendly prices.

The healthcare system in New Zealand has undergone a few, yet significant changes in the recent decade. These reforms have not just been exceptionally beneficial for the citizens of New Zealand but also the international travellers; now New Zealand has become famous its high quality medical services, apart from the beautiful picturesque landscapes and sceneries. Thus, after experiencing an overwhelming response for Medical Transcription India, Divine Mercy Transcription has decided to go global. Divine Mercy Transcription has extended its services to New Zealand, which is emerging as a hot-shot Mecca for medical tourists.

Dr. MS Rae exclaims, The services at Divine Mercy Transcription marvelous. The accuracy of medical transcription is exceptional. Dr. MS Rae likes the fact that the typed reports delivered not only on time, but in the prescribed format, with details well taken care off in advance. Hiring these services has made his work a whole lot easier and fun, now Dr. MS Rae can focus on more on his patients and their needs, instead of prescribing quick handwritten prescriptions.

With medical profession being closely dealt with the well being of a person, even a tiny error during prescribing or interpreting can have drastic consequences. Thus, to minimize the errors, Divine Mercy Transcription uses a balance of human as well as artificial intelligence. On one hand, the company uses a range of software to type the data in the preliminary stages, which is checked and verified by highly qualified team of medical transcriptionists who thoroughly check the document for errors and other discrepancies. Thus, the document is passed through a number of checks before reaching back to the concerned clinic. Therefore, minimizing the chances of errors.

About Divine Mercy Transcriptions:

Divine Mercy transcription was established in the year 2003 as a sterling organization with the prime objective of providing medical transcription, medico legal typing services along with other legal services from India. The company uses a combination of qualified transcriptionists and 128 bit web based encrypted technology to facilitate supreme quality high accuracy reports within the allotted time frame. The Customer Relationship Management tool is also made available for the clients. With a commitment to provide value added services, Divine Mercy Transcriptions continues to tread the path of success.

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