DIY Content Marketing System

DIY Content Marketing System Social Shares is Becoming the New SEO Knowing how to Curate Quality Content Synd…
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  3. Thx Ted ♦ currently the search demand for DiY Content Marketing on YT or Google organic is pretty low ♦ once Authorship + Author Rank take the pole position ♦ I’d image DiY Content Marketing searches will blossom more to my liking ♦ How is your social shares coming along?

  4. Neil, thanks for the details, your road map will help all of us save valuable time in getting to our destination in social-search. Just great information!!!

  5. Long is an under statement @Scott • while still a useful “how to” video it lacks the structure needed to answer the question “OK now what”? so I’m working on a do over v2 version • stay tuned 😉

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