DIY: Magazine Paper Garbage Bin

Found a picture of one of these on the internet and HAD to recreate it! AMAZING! hope you enjoy! check out my twitter read…
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17 Responses to DIY: Magazine Paper Garbage Bin

  1. maddy giovannelli says:

    Omg I hope you know…. I love you like for real you have inspired me so much ❤

  2. Khadija Rajkot says:

    U look lively and active. Thanx for sharing. I ‘ll probablymake one wen i get old Wen i Have a lot of time

  3. moriahbrown1033 says:

    That’s really cool. And I would do it but it seems like a lot if work and I don’t have the patience. Thanks for sharing this though. :)

  4. Ady Bear says:

    Garbage can hat ? Dats hawt xD

  5. Tyanna Lister says:

    Omg love u

  6. Cathy Katz says:

    OMG how long will I take to make it?

  7. lesliedavies75 says:

    your ugly

  8. Kendall Hampton says:

    by 0:17 Me: okay, I like this chick.

  9. RainyorSunnyEnding says:

    Oh my God, yes! *postpones homework*

  10. violet Taylor says:

    thx for the cool idea makeing it right now

  11. staceymarietolentino says:

    Thank u for this. Now I dnt need to buy expensive trash bins. But instead I recycle. Your so resourceful. :-)

  12. Rob Messer says:

    What kind of glue do you recommend using?

  13. Gilda Bettis says:

    Cool and easy, thanks

  14. DIYetc123 says:

    Hat definetly

  15. PeaceLoveSing15 says:

    doing this! thank you so much, because we have A TON of unused magazines, and now i willl not have to buy a trash can for my bathroom. :)

  16. Had Ley says:

    Ur weird

  17. 69156heaven says:

    So cute though

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