Launches a Free Tutorial Service to Teach People how to Make Money by Creating Their Own Websites

(PRWEB) August 29, 2012

Anyone who is desperate to create their own website but gets flustered by the mere mention of the term code may wonder “where do I begin?” has been created to provide a resource that is easy to understand so that anyone interested can have an equal opportunity to start making money on the web.

Free and Easy To Understand Tutorials

DIY On The Web provides the tools needed for anybody to become an online entrepreneur at no cost. Through their detailed articles and in-depth videos, a visitor to can learn the ins-and-outs of popular blogging programs like WordPress and website hosts like BlueHost. Most sites that impart this level of knowledge usually charge for the privilege but DIY On The Web remains free of any charges or fees. The site is all about giving back and letting everyday people compete on the same level as those who have been doing this professionally for years. Founder Jerry Li couldnt have put it better when he said, do it yourself and stop getting ripped off.

Helping You Understand the YouTube Partnership Program

If one’s passion is creating original video content there has never been a better time to enhance their income by doing what they love. Through YouTubes Partnership Program regular people have the opportunity to make real money by filming videos and allowing YouTube to sell advertisements before them, giving a percentage for the amount of views the videos receive. Unfortunately the entire process can be difficult for those who arent yet familiar with it; this is why has written tutorials on how to take full advantage of the YouTube Partnership Program.

Earn Income Using Google AdSense

The main source of almost every internet DIYers income is Google AdSense and if they’re not familiar with it then it can be difficult to fully maximize their potential income. DIY On The Web offers easy to understand guides that even the most novice website creators can follow along with. Many people are put off of using Google AdSense by what they perceive to be a difficult and complicated process, but the people at DIY On The Web have streamlined the entire method so that anybody can start earning money from their webpage immediately.


Founded by an internet entrepreneur who is now trying to teach others the skills that made him so successful, is the only site required for every resource needed to build your own website. DIY On The Web is proud to provide free and easy to understand articles and videos that help to teach people how to truly do it yourself on the web.

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