DK Winter 2014 – Mondays @ The Irish Channel

DK Winter 2014 – Mondays @ The Irish Channel
Event on 2014-01-13 19:00:00

How to Register 

1. Choose your registration type, "Form a Team," "Join a Team," or "Free Agent."
2. Forming a team or joining with friends? If so, enter your desired team name. Team names will not automatically appear in the drop-down menu.
3. Joining a team? Select a team name if you know it.
4. Share your info, including your t-shirt size, email, etc.
5. Read the waiver. 
6. Enter your billing details and after submittal, CLICK BACK TO THE REGISTRATION PAGE.

NOTE: If you do not wait for the referral back to the registration page, your registration will not go through.

Second Note: You should receive an email notification of a successful registration. If you do not, you may not be registered. Email to confirm your registration if you do not receive your email confirmation. Also, please note that if you are on a team of fewer than eight (8) people, we will either combine your team with another small team or add free agents to your team. 

Mondays @ The Irish Channel (500 H Street NW)

Jan 8 – Pre-Season Party @ Policy Restaurant & Lounge

Jan 13 – Week 1: Anything Goes!
Jan 27 – Week 2: Theme 1
Feb 3 – Week 3: Theme 2
Feb 10 – Week 4: Anything Goes!
Feb 17 – Week 5: Theme 3
Feb 24 – Week 6: Anything Goes!
Mar 3 – Week 7: Theme 4
Mar 10 – Week 8: Theme 5
Mar 17 – Week 9: SemiFinals
Mar 31 – Week 10: Finals
Apr 9 – Week 11: City-Wide Finals @ Penn Social


A complete schedule for the 2014 seasons can be found here

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at Irish Channel
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