Do AdWords customers get special treatment in organic search results?

I am an important AdWords customer and recently I have seen a drop in ranking for my site. Why can’t I get advice on optimizing my site for Google’s search results through my AdWords point of contact? Christoffel Hiltermann, Dublin Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: Want your question to be answered on a video like this? Follow us on Twitter and look for an announcement when we take new questions: More videos: Webmaster Central Blog: More resources for webmasters:
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23 Responses to Do AdWords customers get special treatment in organic search results?

  1. Andreas Ostheimer says:

    Good one.

  2. TurkishThymecooking says:

    Is there any reason there is a “Panda” on your T-Shirt Matt or is it just coincidence :)

  3. Bizdetox says:

    The Adwords team does a really good job of helping you formulate a plan to best benefit your end goal. On the second hand visibility does play a big influencer risk for a user end prospective. The more times you show up the more likely people would check out your site . It is a good common practice to do PPC on the terms you are optimizing for .

  4. Smartin Paul Joseph says:

    Adwords gets your site noticed by people and if the content is useful, they will like and share it. Once the site receives enough social and web presence its search rank will build up and therefore Adwords is definitely a good SEO option for quality web businesses.

  5. albyspamler says:

    Pretty lame Matt! I thought this was a chance fore real people to get real answers. Not another talking head situation. We already got plenty of them!

  6. AlexRaGeAHoLiC says:


  7. Egan Rao says:

    Good research Barry – Christoffel Hiltermann linkedin profile says that he is based in Google Dublin from April 2010 to present unless he fails to update his profile after quits Google.

  8. Mohammed Chehab says:

    nice t-shirt Matt!!!

  9. mark hengry says:

    So coool…I am loving it..

  10. devincyb1 says:

    hitler man? really

  11. Matt Cutts says:

    Hey folks, this question did come from a Googler, and here’s why. For each round of questions, I make a Google Moderator page and then I ask Googlers to submit questions that they’ve heard people ask. Nothing nefarious there–you’ll often see me submit my own questions, for example. When we tape videos, we look at all of them and I tape answers for the questions that I think are interesting. I simply thought this was an interesting question regardless of who it came from.

  12. sebastiansz says:

    google: banksy panda

  13. apdmarket says:

    Indeed, love the t-shirt potential alternative profit stream for Google there :>)

  14. Nicola Martino says:

    almost every client asks about that. thank you for posting a video about that.

  15. fuddusong says:

    Hey Matt looks younger than earlier. congrats

  16. Cristian Gonzalez Guasch says:

    Nice tshirt! :DD

  17. Zach Johnson says:


  18. svtmattUT says:

    Google owns the system, they can do what ever the heck they want with it, including giving top contributors preferential treatment. Don’t like it? go to bing, wait they do it too, try alta vista 😉

  19. Fede Einhorn says:

    Noooo… that can’t be true!! Google is so honest!! BUSTED!

  20. ElTrabajoDeLaNoche says:

    I know of someone who was blacklisted, he bought adwords for a lot of money and got a message from adwords manager to tell him his site was deblacklisted.

  21. MrKylecorreia says:

    Here is Christoffel Hiltermann /watch?v=irwgM0RZahw and he works for GOOGLE,

  22. MrKylecorreia says:

    People that pay for adwords SHOULD BE TREATED special. They are paying your COMPANY for special treatment. That’s what we all do when paying for a service! Unless of course your Google we want to treat you just like the non paying members..because we are that nice..Anyone that still uses adwords needs to check themselves into a mental institution.

  23. trueclassic1 says:

    After I found that I got 1/2 of the clicks charged , I called and was told that Google tracking is a THIRD PARTY and did not be-leave me ( had three tracking programs on the page ( I don’t use Ad Word since. )

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