Do You Have a Social Media Marketing Attribution Problem?

Do You Have a Social Media Marketing Attribution Problem?
Properly measuring social media conversions has been plaguing marketers since they started creating digital campaigns to drive sales. Many attribution models exist and data-driven marketers need to think differently about how they interpret the …
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How User-Generated Content Will Shape Marketing in 2014
Some social media marketing software, such as GroSocial, specialize in helping businesses launch contests, which are a quickly-growing tactic in terms of popularity and success, as marketers realize the value of a social media marketing campaign in …
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What Social Media Managers Need To Know About Facebook In 2014
I had a chance to sit down with Ashley Coombe, the Social Media Strategist for All Inclusive Marketing (a full-service marketing agency) to discuss what changes social media marketers experiences in 2014, and what they need to know about social media …
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