Do you think that “Search Engine Optimization” should be renamed?

Hi Matt, do you think that search engine optimization is descriptive in the way it is used today? Do you think we need to call it something else? Mads, Copenhagen Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: Want your question to be answered on a video like this? Follow us on Twitter and look for an announcement when we take new questions: More videos: Webmaster Central Blog: Webmaster Central:

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20 Responses to Do you think that “Search Engine Optimization” should be renamed?

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  3. YutubeSEO says:

    I think I need to watch this again

  4. Kurt Margolis says:

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  5. shelby4213 says:

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  6. Dave Youngdahl says:

    Yes. Yes. But what IS on that tee shirt?!

  7. James Jones says:

    I’m proud to put my Social links and Google Plus Profile Author Link on my site for this very reason. Viewers should know who the author of a site is and what they intend as an experience.. I’m glad there are people at Google like Matt. This was more of an answer to Matt’s beliefs in the internet experience by it’s users than a reason to change the term SEO. Thanks Matt, James from Arkansas

  8. Ty Whalin says:

    What he say’s makes a lot of sense. A few bad apples have hurt the SEO industry.

  9. Avneet Thairiani says:

    Search Experience Optimization does sound more apt.

  10. Rosie Whiteley says:

    Change SEO to UCC… Unique Content Creation. 😉

  11. 3SEOUK says:

    Hi Matt when I think of SEO, I think more on the broader side because to me it means all things to do with optimising your Website in so many ways.

  12. Jitendra Ayman says:

    1:48 If you have few bad apples LOL

  13. TheSEO Gig says:

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  14. ThisnThatPackRat says:

    SEO = content manipulation, pure and simple. It is inherently amoral. QUALITY CONTENT creation, unfortunately, takes a back seat in MOST SEO’s minds, here in lies the problem and the root of most negative connotations for the SEO industry. Content first, then restrained SEO technique application to bolster or enhance the QUALITY of the original content is what’s needed. Too often, the world of SEO embraces the tail waging of the dog.

  15. Niki Heselmans says:

    I agree that Search Experience Optimisation is the way to go. It’s a good thing this is the basis of Google’s business model.

  16. Gururaj mahale says:

    Hi Matt, when can I know my website is penalized? I see lot of websites are penalized without webmaster tool notification. Is that malware in webmaster tool only source?

  17. Baruch Labunski says:

    Love it Great Vid Matt :)

  18. Rob Fore says:

    I’ve found if you just follow the Google guidelines - and proved valuable content for your visitors – google treats your site pretty fairly. That being said, I think search engine optimization is still value because of the basics for onpage optimization and things like that. It is both art and science.

  19. texxs01 says:

    Actually Matt would like to see SEO disappear altogether. The last thing they want is relevant search engine results (why would any one need to advertise with Google is Google gave you what you looked for?)

  20. gizmotastic says:

    *Conversion Optimization* would be a great name because it is the ultimate goal.

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