Doctor Who interactive Google Doodle –

There will be a Google Doodle about Doctor Who on 23rd. November 2013. Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television programme. It is about a mysterious…

20 thoughts on “Doctor Who interactive Google Doodle –

  1. I managed to accidentally glitch it so that I had two incarnations of the Doctor on the screen at one time. After the glitch caused an impossible death, I had 9 and 10 onscreen at the same time, died to the glitch again, died because of something stupid, and then had the glitch send William Hartnell off a cliff for no reason. If not for that last part, this might have been the funniest day in my life.

  2. this is crazy I have not done this on purpose!!! I just wrote a comment on the Groxt1 channel about Dr. Who and then Illok in his favourites and look a New Dr. Who Google Doogle is coming out… Mind Blown!!! 0.O this is not the fist time that these things happen to me.

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