Doctors Health Press Reports on Study: Fainting Spells May Be Genetic

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 19, 2013

Doctors Health Press, a division of Lombardi Publishing Corporation and publisher of various natural health newsletters, books, and reports, including the popular online Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin, is reporting on a new study finding that fainting spells may be genetic.

As Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin ( notes, many people suffer from fainting spells on a daily basis. Fainting, also known as syncope, occurs when a person suddenly loses consciousness. Usually, its a result of a rapid decrease in blood pressure level, when oxygen fails to reach the brain.

As the article Struggling with Fainting Spells? Read This states, fainting spells can be caused by:

Anxiety, fear, or emotional stress.

Postural hypotension, which is a condition that interferes with blood pressure levelsif a person stands up too quickly, they begin to feel dizzy and faint (this type of fainting spell is common in seniors).

A nervous system disease can cause fainting spells too, because the nervous system regulates the bodys involuntary functions.

Other illnesses like diabetes and malnutritionanything that affects blood pressurecan cause fainting spells.

Heart or blood vessel problems, which restrict the ability of blood flow to the brain, will cause fainting spells.

However, the Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin article reports that researchers have recently discovered that a persons fainting spells might be genetic. According to evaluations of 44 families with a history of fainting spells, the researchers found a strong genetic link for fainting spells.

Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin concludes by advising readers who are prone to fainting spells to stay hydrated, consume enough salt to keep their blood pressure at a normal level, and to stand up slowly after lying down for a long period of time. Its also important for a person prone to fainting spells to get their heart checked to make sure that their spells are not an indication of any other health conditions.

(SOURCE: Klein, K., et al., Autosomal dominant vasovagal syncope, Neurology April 16, 2013; 80(16): 1.4851,493; Unexplained fainting, Medtronic web site, last accessed April 15, 2013; Understanding faintingthe basics, WebMD web site, last accessed April 15, 2013.)

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