Docusearch Expands with Demand of Hidden Stocks and Bonds Search

(PRWEB) May 14, 2013

The private investigative solutions company and Forbes ‘Best of the Web’, Docusearch, has expanded its resources for finding hidden stocks, bonds, and securities. This brokerage account search is commonly used by individuals in a divorce situation allowing for the discovery of hidden assets. As the divorce rates have climbed over the past decade, the demand for hidden assets search has concurrently grown. Docusearch has combated these high demands with additional resources in hopes to reach everyone’s needs in terms of both requirements and budget. The recently completed resource directory will do just that; offering over 135 no-cost resources nationwide in conjunction with its existing premium Brokerage Account Search. The directory provides options for users and increases the likelihood that visitors will find the service that best fits their needs when searching for stocks, bonds, and securities. For some marketing critics, the addition of no-cost listings may seem like a sure way to lose sales; a Docusearch private investigator looks at it in a different light:

“Companies that see only from the business perspective have their eyes half shut. It’s important that you can see both sides of your business – that is – as a businessman and consumer. Offering one paid service might only convert a small percentage of your traffic. Offering hundreds of free resources and honest upfront details about your service will drive more traffic and drastically reduce bounce rates. Overtime, this ultimately leads to an increase in brand recognition, trust, and sales. We know that when the free resources just don’t cut it, the customer will feel comfortable with our paid services. We try to look at everything from a win-win because it’s good for business and life in general.”

The company reported that the demand for their Brokerage Account Search might be directly related to the high divorce statistics over the past decade. A Docusearch employee noted that about 50 percent of US marriages end in divorce which estimates to 2.4 million each year. The resource database is expected to help meet this demand and target those people searching for solutions to finding hidden assets of their spouses.

“It’s an unfortunate but very real issue in the United States – not only divorces but the practice of hiding stock, bonds, securities, and other hidden assets from the person you’re married to. Fortunately for us, our involvement with such things is strictly finding these assets and letting people carry on with their business. Our system is secure, private, and the subject investigated is never notified.”

Docusearch announced the completion of the Free Resource Directory but will be slowly rolling out its features over the next two weeks. The company’s existing (premium) search for hidden bonds and stocks will be undisturbed during this time. In addition to the highlighted resources for its Brokerage Account Search, other search type resources will be available as well including the divorce-related hidden Bank Account Search. It’s important to note that the Brokerage Account Search is a nationwide search while its counterpart, Bank Account Lookup, is searched by State.

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