Does Google consider SEO to be spam?

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18 thoughts on “Does Google consider SEO to be spam?

  1. Google launched the Link Disavow tool, which lets webmasters tell Google to ignore certain links or links from certain domains. In theory, this should be a good tool to combat negative SEO if you’re actually experiencing it but interesting thing is that no guarantee that Google will actually ignore the links you tell it to.

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  3. As I am running a seo biz for last 9 years I have found seo was easy in this period 2003-2007 and after that seo started to change, now seo is very complex (31-10-2012) , Google Panda and Penguin and Disavow link tool introduced. So be very cautious before doing seo, and now oneway link can harm ranks. So before starting seo fix your mind on few things – No web directory submit, no link exchange like past days as was in 2007. Just get link from niche. RiG SEO- from rankingoogle(dot)com

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  7. I like Seo. I have discovered that Yahoo is making plenty of changes to seo and ranking nowadays. Youtube would bring you a large number of web site traffic for the sites. This really is undoubtedly

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