Does Google use data from social sites in ranking?

Hello Matt, a recent article of Danny Sullivan suggests that Google uses Twitter and Facebook links as a ranking signal. Can you confirm this? Can you elabor…
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  3. How Google uses social data in its algorithm to rank webpages. You know, like Facebook & Twitter and G…. This video is from 2010, but very timely to bring up today given all the discussion over rankings and Google+ (

  4. How do you handle black hat seo who creates a Google+ Page, link it your website and never confirm an owner ship of the page, then starts posting real bad feedback (like they they were real people) on the page to hurt your company reputation? How as legitimate owner of the domain name can remove this page?

  5. Yes, Google does use social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google plus itself as one of the factors that effects ranking. This video shows they were doing it all the way back in December 2010. Since then a lot has changed, and they are relying on social sites a lot more for ranking. So make sure you are using social sites for your content.

  6. Google now has more than just a responsibility to provide fresh, relevant search results, Google are now also very conscious that need to recommend websites for companies with a good, healthy social presence and online reputation!

  7. Did you know that Google includes social signals to assist them in determining your businesses ‘rank’ in SERPs (search engine results pages) for keywords and search phrases? But it’s not only about the number of followers or fans your business has, it’s more about quality engagement

  8. Here is Google’s Matt Cutts explaining how they use Social Media data as ranking signals for websites! This isn’t brand new information but many people aren’t understanding the importance of it. For those of you that are and are on the past 2 workshops Tizish has been having, you are ahead of the curve!

  9. A MUST WATCH VIDEO: Ok folks here is Matt Cutts from Google confirming what smart SEO’ers have known for a little while now. That Google does use Social Media in their assessment of a web pages standing in their Page Rank Standing. WATCH OUT FOR AN ARTICLE FROM ME ON THIS SOON!

  10. *Matt Cutts confirms using rep of author as a ranking signal* Matt Cutts talks about using the reputation of an author as a ranking signal. Maybe it’s not “Authorship Rank” but author’s are definitely being evaluated and ranked accordingly.

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