21 Replies to “Does Google use EXIF data from pictures as a ranking factor?”

  1. *Does Google use EXIF data from pictures as a ranking factor?* In his response Matt cites a blog post from 2012 where the Google team states that they reserve the right to *potentially* use EXIF or other meta data in order to help users find information. EXIF is something that Google is able to parse out and Matt’s recommendation is to embed it if it’s available. #imagesearch #exifdata 

  2. *Does Google use EXIF image data as a ranking factor?* “We reserve the right to. We can parse the data and we have displayed it at one time or another in search results”, says Matt Cutts. You should use it if it is available, but don’t go out of your way to add it retrospectively. We might use it. We might not. A simple yes or no would be quite nice, Matt 😉 #SEO #SEOtips

  3. Obviously, and not discussed in the video, location is the most important EXIF data in the photo. This is clearly, the most important part of the question… and remains unanswered.

  4. Sounds good! People appreciate knowing what the info or image is about while people hover and navigate over images. I didn’t know what EXIF was before this video. :)

  5. *Does Google use EXIF data from pictures as a ranking factor?* Matt Cutts says yes, potentially. But we tested this and said no. So what’s going on? Well, Matt is talking about Google’s Image Search. We tested impact on URL discovery. The result of our test is available here: http://dejanseo.com.au/tested-qr-and-exif-url-discovery/

  6. *Google Images peut exploiter les données EXIF* mais à mon avis c’est un élément très faible parmi les critères de classement dans Google Images. Par exemple, le nom du fichier de l’image est pris en compte mais ne pèse pas lourd dans l’algo. Avez-vous fait des tests ? #référencement #googleimages #exif #seo 

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