Does Social Media Help Local Companies to Create a Web Presence?

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) September 02, 2012

Social media has been causing an uproar in the marketing world for quite some time. Yet, an iMediaConnection article posted August 29 detailed five reasons why Facebook isnt necessary for branding a company on the internet. If this is true, then why have so many in the marketing world been citing social media as an easy way to create a web presence for a local company or brand? According to the RCBryan & Associates formula, the only sure-fire way to evaluate a companys web presence is really to use Google grading to analyze the content and coding of a website.

In the iMediaConnection article, five different strategies that are supposed to make Facebook a great platform for branding a company were listed as myths. One of the biggest issues the article had with using social media to create a web presence is the belief that because it seems like everyone uses Facebook, this means that everyone will see a Facebook page about the brand that a company is trying to market. The simple fact is that, although the use of social media may help to create a web presence for a brand, the rankings for the website of that brand determine how visible it is to Internet users.

The RCBryan & Associate web presence report takes information provided by a company and evaluates the Google grading system in order to determine what the visibility of their website is to the search engines. Because of the large amount of consumers doing research on search engines before making purchasing decisions, having brand visibility through a website ranking on search engine result pages has become a crucial part of marketing for most companies.

In order to determine if social media is enough to establish a brand and create a web presence, companies can use this web presence report for free on the RCBryan & Associates website. The free tool will provide companies with key information on their visibility, and help them to make decisions about how to move forward with their marketing efforts online. To access the web presence report, visit or call RCBryan & Associates at 888-722-7926 for more information.

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