Does The EU Have A Case Against Google?

Does The EU Have A Case Against Google?
The European Commission's objections seem to stem from a belief that the widespread popularity of Google's search engine — where 90 percent of all searches in Europe originate — creates a social obligation for the company to list results impartially …
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Is Your Photography Website Ready for Google's Mobilegeddon?
Photo portfolios and studio websites which are not mobile ready webpages will appear lower in Google's search engine results. A non-mobile ready photography site can expect a drop of about two-thirds of their traffic, versus pre-update traffic.
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Recent developments in internet law
In May 2014, the CJEU ruled that the operation of the Google search engine involves “the processing of personal data” within the meaning of the Data Protection Directive ("DPD") and Google Inc. is the controller of such processing. Even though the …
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