Does the use of markup create a ranking benefit?

I know that rich snippets can increase CTR for my mention on a SERP. But is the use of code beneficial for my actual positions on the SERPs as well? Quincy, Rotterdam Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: Want your question to be answered on a video like this? Follow us on Twitter and look for an announcement when we take new questions: More videos: Webmaster Central Blog: More resources for webmasters:
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20 thoughts on “Does the use of markup create a ranking benefit?

  1. Asking this question means that you’ve missed the point that is intended to benefit users and not serve as a SEO instrument. Maybe there is a small SEO benefit but when you’re thinking of using for SEO you’re coming at it from a spammy perspective.

  2. Whan talking about one single factor, can’t always give a clear reply if this will affect your SERPs. The SERPs are affected by a lot of factors. So if you do one good thing (like using tags) but do lots of other things that against Google policies, then it is clear that by using tags you will achieve nothing.

  3. Does anyone else notice how Matt never answers any of the questions he is asked? Viewer: “I have a questions about X” Matt: “Great question. This might affect search results, so you should do it, but on the other hand it might not. So you should do it… but it may or may not effect search results. Maybe you should try it and see what happens. It might affect results, but then again, it might not. Great question. Just keep doing whatever you are doing now, thanks for watching.”

  4. When you have a higher click through rate, Googles algo will see that visitors like your answer and that does factor into the algo, so logically even if the use of schema doesn’t, if you have a great site that uses it and you have a higher CTR – then yes… I agree “I wouldn’t count on it” is not a clear no.

  5. Matt, when you say “don’t count on that”, I read it to mean “yes, but you are not prepared to open Pandora’s Box by admitting it”. Did I get it right?

  6. Andrey I’m not sure how you concluded that Matt was saying NO? You need to listen to what’s not being said instead of just taking everything at face value. He’s saying “just because you implement doesn’t mean you should necessarily rank higher.” This is a true statement…there are many factors that go into determining the ranking order. “just because they implement doesn’t necessarily automatically mean they are a better site.” He’s NOT saying NOT to do it. Listen.

  7. English isn’t my native language either, but I have no problems with understanding Matt. He speaks very clearly. You should exercise your listening skill. If you’re serious about the Internet Marketing, particularly SEO, this skill will be priceless, because you will watch and/or listen to many videos, webinars, presentations, podcasts, skype conversions etc. Believe me, it’ll be better if you improve your English now…

  8. Hello Matt, thanks for all the informations. Can you please speak a little bit slowlier? My native languages are german and polish 🙂 Thanks for your effort. Greetings

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