Doing It Her Way University EntreprenuHER 101

Doing It Her Way University EntreprenuHER 101
Event on 2012-09-22 16:30:00

50.00 applied to all series classes when you register to EntreprenuHER 101

EntreprenuHER 101

Beauty Biz Certifications



Doing it Her Way University

           Classes start 9-22-2012


   D.I.H.W. UNIVERSITY is an educational and empowering movement for the woman who is ready to take that leap towards success. Founder Nekesa J. Smith has been a successful Businesswoman for 15+ years. Currently working on finishing her first book Nekesa is the owner of Nekesa Natural Radiance Hair Loft, NNRBC Hair/Skin Product Line, and Beautifully Driven Productions. Speaking about entrepreneurship at middle and high schools has been one of Nekesa’s passion for years, which inspired her to create D.I.H.W. UNIVERSITY.

    Do you want to open a business and don’t know where to start? Do you need that mentoring support to enhance that drive towards success? Do you want to perfect your craft turn it into a profitable business? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then this is the opportunity for you.  Whether you want to start a business from start to finish, write a book, or master a skill like hair, makeup, or fashion consulting we have a program designed for you.

Entreprenuher 101

 Business Work Ethics


Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising 102


Financing your Vision/Business


Business Structuring/ Taxes 101


Finding  your Business


Beauty Biz 201                                  Publishing        

The Art of Natural Hair                                                         Self Publishing


 Braiding/Extention  Certification                                      Marketing your Book


 Hairweaving Certification                                                 Book Placement/ Distribution


Beauty Consultant Certification                                       Benefits of Digital Presence




Producing Documentary Film/Short Film


 Urban Cinematography


Storytelling through Shots


Producing Print  worthy  Pictures


Getting your work published

 Class Descriptions

Entreprenuher 101

This series consist of  starting your business from start to finish. Learn the steps to create and develop your business. When you are equipped with  the proper guidance and tools you are bound to not just succeed, but exceed within your niche. Take control and design your own destiny today. The series consist of 5 classes total. 2.5 hours each. The class can be taken as a whole series or indivually.

Series Total Investment- 250.00

Individual classes -75.00 per class


Developing your Business


Business Work Ethics-


Marketing, Public Relations, and Branding


Financing your Vision/Business


Business Structuring/ Taxes



Beauty Biz 201 Certification 

Beauty Biz  201 is a series designed for the person aspiring to become a Beauty Specialist without attending cosmetology school. Become a full time Beauty Professional or earn an extra income while in college or working at home. Upon completion of this series you will receive Nekesa Natural Radiance Hairweave/Braiding certification. You will also be eligible to sit for the S.C. Braiders License exam. The certification has a 40 hr. requirement. These classes can be taken separate as well.

Total Certification Investment -300.00

Individual Class 100.00 per class


Professionalism/ Sanitation/ Sterilization


The Art/ Care of Natural Hair                                                           


 Braiding/Extension Certification                                     


 Hairweaving Certification                                                


Beauty Consultant Certification 


Hairweave/Braider Salon set up



This series is for those who want to write a book, get a book published or market an existing book. This series features professional who have experience in writing. Learn the key elements in creating and developing your book idea. This series is a 4-day class. In addition to the class you will have 6 months additional mentoring and support with your project.

Series investment 250.00

Individual classes not available for this series.


Benefits of Digital Presence




 Marketing your Book


 Book Placement/ Distribution


Cover Design and Title choice




This series is an introductory basic series to the world of film and photography. Learn how use the proper camera equipment. Basic film and photography shooting techniques. Learn how to produce a short film or documentary. Learn the different editing to produce an engaging quality production.

Total Investment- 800.00

Individual classes- 200.00 per class


Documentary Filmmaking


 Urban Cinematography


 Storytelling through Visual Culture


Producing Print Worthy Pictures


Getting your work published

All classes include

         Basic manual

         Follow up Mentoring

For more info call Nekesa @ 770-309-2012 or Keyina Richardson @ 404-835-2117

at Nekes’a Natural Radiance Hair Loft
3829 Main St.
College Park, United States

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