Domain Name Development Company, Domain Millwork expands SEO and SMO Divisions to meet Client Demand for High Quality Website Optimization Services

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Domain Name Development Company, Domain Millwork announces the expansion of their SEO and SMO Divisions to better serve Local Miami and International Businesses.

Domain Millwork is a professional domain name development company that provides turkey online digital marketing services to medium and large sized businesses. Located in Miami, Domain Millwork has created a solid client base consisting of local and International projects. Taking the approach of a domain name in terms of online real estate, the company is able to identify areas of online traffic, capture the traffic and optimize sources of revenue. Domain Millwork has successfully applied this business model to both start-ups and well-established businesses.

The competitive advantage received by Clients of Domain Millwork according to Benjamin Evans, founder of Domain Millwork, is that “We understand the success points of a digital business, which are traffic, conversions and revenue. While these three basic points have very deep levels, understanding how to bring them together with simplicity for the user is an art form that takes years of experience. That experience and expertise brought by Domain Millwork saves clients risk, time and money.”

About SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO creates a website that is easily indexed, publishes useful content, generates relationships with site visitors and creates overall value to the web. Through SEO, search engine spiders are able to gather information that is used in algorithms to decide “where to rank the page” and “for what keyword”. When done well, the webpage that has been SEO’d will appear in organic (free) search results. Click here to learn more about SEO.

Recent Changes in SEO and New Demand for Quality

Due to changes applied by Search Engine Algorithms in the past year, which include Google Panda and Google Penguin, high quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) has become of great value to businesses that want to compete and win online. The Google Panda update targeted and penalized websites that produced and published low quality content, such as duplicate content, short articles that do not provide much information and “spun” articles that are basically re-writes of currently existing online content. Over the past year this has caused many businesses that were not investing in content to lose online organic traffic (free clicks) and a large amount of revenue. The Google Penguin update targeted websites that were using “unnatural” inbound links to manipulate search engine algorithms. When manipulative link building techniques were used and not-discovered by Google, websites were “unnaturally” pushed to the top of organic search, which decreases the search quality and does not provide the best possible result. This action goes against the objective of Google search, which is to provide the best possible information to the searcher. As a result, the Google Penguin update penalized and in most cases delisted websites that were found to be using “unnatural” link schemes. Due to this update, many website owners are having to hire “penalty removal” specialists to help get the site compliant and reconsidered for Google search results.

Domain Millwork Expansion

Knowing that the demand for high quality SEO and SMO will continue to grow, Domain Millwork has added new team members that include copywriters, project managers, social media strategists, search strategists and creative designers. “Investing in the right people and training is what ensures a quality product and service for our clients.” says Mr. Evans. The SEO Industry is a necessary component of all online businesses and if not being used, companies could miss out on the biggest marketing opportunity of our time. Interested companies should contact Domain Millwork to understand more about how a business may benefit from SEO and SMO.

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