Dominate The Internet -How to create a massive online profile the right way

Dominate The Internet -How to create a massive online profile the right way
Event on 2012-09-25 08:45:00

Dominate The Internet

6 Easy Steps To Dominate the Internet In Real Estate

Lisa Tremolada

(This workshop is tailored for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Agency principals)

Sydney – 7 – Value 97

Lunch Included


This is a whole day seminar with solid content and information.  

After this seminar, you will leave knowing how to 

Position   and   Promote  yourself  EASILY    

as the expert

Real Estate Agent or Agency in your area

Finding it hard to doorknock for new business?

Finding in hard to phone prospect for new business? 

Find out NOW how to use technology to help you get listings


Build  enormous   Presence   and   Credibility online.

If you are scared of the internet, technology or you don’t know where to start online,

 this course has been designed especially for YOU.

We only accept small numbers, so that no matter what your current level of understanding,

we promise that you will   ‘get it’.


Now, let’s get into the content … however, before I start, let me tell you something:


There is no one else offering anything like this training  

No one!


You will see how    YOU   can easily elevate your profile and brand – WIN more listings and make more sales using your…


Power   Positioning  Profile

We show you how to build your

massive online profile the right way  


    YOU can easily     Dominate The Internet      in your area or niche


We’ll show you how to easily beat your competition online

They will be scratching their heads wondering how you did it

(Warning – You will most likely be the topic of your competitors sales meetings) 


You will leave this 1 day event understanding how the internet is your   BEST   friend.

We will talk about the importance of building a strong and

unbeatable online Profile.


Get the edge    and    LEAD    your office INTO the year 2012 with YOUR massive online profile.


These following 6 points are crucial to your online presence -We will show you the 6 easy steps to build your online power positioning profile – 


1) Essential Internet foundations

2) Extremely easy social media

3) How to blog Strategically 

4) How to create Engaging informative videos

5) How to create a massive online presence

6) How to montetize your profile – How to create massive opportunities online

You will be surprised at how easy this all is!  


You need to attend before your competitors get onto this.


Being online is no longer an option.  

It's a must

Head back up to the top of the page and book your ticket today

(Remember there are limited numbers)


You  will see first hand that if you are NOT active online, that  it’s 

downright dangerous 

to your business


We will also EXPLORE the

12 reasons why you must be online

We will share steps that will make your social media life easy AND very effective.

Seriously.. don’t wait a second longer.. technology is moving fast AND you need to jump in now.


We promise this 1 day event will change the way you think about online marketing for ever!  


You will see     Opportunities    jump out at you that you never thought were possible. Here are what some other entrepreneurs are saying about Lisa …..


Mal Emery – " If you don't get smart about this, because this is exactly what Lisa does, she gets you smart about it.  This is no longer an option it's a necesity. The clock is ticking, but there's still time to get smart and by smart I mean,  learning from someone like Lisa, because she has figured it out, so you don't have to. "

The Millionaire Maker & Best Selling Marketing Author.

Glenn Twiddle – " Aussies best online positioning expert " Real Estate Trainer, Author & Coach


Doug Callander – " Thanks for your great presentation. Your talk was very well presented. Doug also said, Lots of energy, good information and an action list to take away. You have inspired me to start to manage my own online presence / image. " Former NSW President NSAA – National Speakers Association Australia


Alistair Gray –" Wow Lisa Tremolada – what a great speaker. She spoke at the XL Sydney Entrepreneurs Circle Meeting last night on how to dominate your niche using the internet. Fabulous tips and information. Watch out for her new product to be released in October – it will be a cracker! "


Maya Saric –  " I loved your session tonight on internet marketing! It was packed with great ideas and so professionally presented. Awesome. "


Scroll to the top of the page  and book your ticket today.


See you there!   

at Dominate The Internet
66 Spit Rd
Mosman, Australia

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