Dominican and Puerto Rican Linguistics – Lesson 1

This is our first lesson of Dominican and Puerto Rican Linguistics. We show you how to say hello, how to respond, etc.

16 thoughts on “Dominican and Puerto Rican Linguistics – Lesson 1

  1. well saying being racist against another group of spanish people does’nt make sense.. how can it be racist? it’s like jewish people saying they hate israelites.

  2. I believe I have some african in me.. because I saw I have a black uncle in my family.. so I’d say about 15 percent black for sure.. damn proud of it too.. the rest of me is taino.. and indian.. (india) spanish and british from my dads side.

  3. en vez de andar haciendo o introduciendo esos vulgos no sirven lo que hay q hacer es corregir, en mi pais hablan de una kmanera tan estupida, no me siento orgulloso yo hablo trankilo como es para que todo el mundo me entienda, para no crear estereotipos, esa es la que es

  4. As a proud Puerto Rican it sucks when I hear a fellow PR be racist towards a Dominican. But in turn I also hate a racist Dominican. We sound so stupid going after each other while the rest of the Latin countries say “what idiots they’re practically the same” get along get over it. Its old already. Just because I’m proud of my island doesn’t mean I’m saying its better and vice versa. Anyway funny video.

  5. Hysterical! “You have let me go in a band” yeah, DR slang makes no sense if you take it literally..great job, guys! My gf is watching this and thinks you guys are very talented. Keep making more videos like this, they’re very creative and not crass. Cool stuff

  6. hispanic is not a race dude.. you mean ”latino” there’s various branches of latinos.. latino/italian latino/french latino/hispanic latino/romanian latino/portuguese in general us people that speak a latin language are all brothers and sisters just that we speak a different branch from the famous but deceased language called latin.

  7. Lol I’m dominican.. and I have meself a pretty little boricua mami.. 🙂 I love you ricans man. we’re’ all family.. all came from spain in the begining it’s all good. 🙂

  8. This pisses me off because I come from a Dominican bloodline and can’t speak/understand Spanish for shit, let alone Dominican slang. Thanks for NOTHING abuelo!!!! _

  9. that’s just dominican slang. Just like like cubans say quebola acede que pinga ehh (technical translation) what ball, what dick. In slang meaning whats up what fuck’s up

  10. A real Puerto Rican never hates a Dominican. In P.R.we get along very well with Dominicans. I hate racist Puerto Ricans & Dominicans! We are neighbors for crying out loud. Hating is not a trait in Puerto Rico.

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