Don Sorensen, Corporate Online Reputation Management Expert, Advises Companies To Establish a Reputation Management Plan for 2013

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) January 31, 2013

Don Sorensen, corporate online reputation management expert and owner of Big Blue Robot, today advised companies to create a Reputation Management plan for 2013.

All too often companies wait until they have a negative online reputation experience to develop a reputation management plan, says Sorensen. By waiting, the situation is most times much more difficult to remedy, and cannot happen as quickly as if a plan was in place. Some simple planning and proactive work can save companies a lot of headache.

Usually when talking about online reputation management, experts advise tips, tricks and other actions companies can take to improve their online reputation and improve search rankings. And, most advise that effective online reputation management is about doing something, taking action, and getting the job done. However, all that action can be exhausting and many companies question why they should go to the trouble of trying to build a positive brand online. Sorensen has a unique way of looking at why companies should be pro-active in their online reputation management strategy.

Many companies today are killing their online reputation by doing absolutely nothing, explains Sorensen. If they dont care about their online reputation, then dont put any effort forth. Dont take action. However, be prepared to sit there and watch as your branded SERP fills with negative reviews and articles about your terrible product and customer service.

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