Dont Give Up! Dont Quit! Restoration Prophecy To Hebrew Translator & All Believers

YAHUSHUA (יהושוע) speaks through Prophet Elisabeth Elijah on Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles 2011 to His hebrew translator and to His bride around the world. This Prophecy has anointing of restoration, strength, boldness so if your battle worn and weary let YAHUSHUA refresh you with this Sukkot Prophecy of Restoration to all who worship YAHUSHUA and live Holy. This is going to restore so many of the troops that have been so beaten up. The moral of the troops needs to be built up. There is no tolerance in Israel for those who believe in and follow YAHUSHUA. Elisabeth says, “It took a persecuted Jew to be able to stir up the anointing in this persecuted Jew.” If you are tired and beaten down, please read and listen. There is an anointing of restoration in this. There is a greater anointing in the spoken Word. Please see at the end, there was a miracle with the tape recorder. The battery was filled with only enough power to record the length of the Word itself. If the phone conversation had been recorded from the start, the entire Word would not have been recorded to the end. But Praise YAHUSHUA, the recording began in YAHUVEH’s perfect timing and the entire Word was recorded! Prophecy 120 – Don’t Give up, Don’t Quit! Sukkot Prophecy of Restoration to Hebrew Translator & Messianic Jews All Believers Received October 19, 2011 on 6th day of Sukkot — crescent New Moon sighting; or 7th day, Hoshana Rabbah — pre-set, Rabbinical calendar Excerpt from Prophecy 120: You are MY Beloved
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15 thoughts on “Dont Give Up! Dont Quit! Restoration Prophecy To Hebrew Translator & All Believers

  1. Praise Yahushua and Thank You Elizabeth.Am keeping posting with you Girl.God Bless You.Waiting for the new message til then I’ll get back to work spreading the Good Lord,King Yahushua words, hit me up on twitter @sunshineonra.bye sister love you

  2. It’s great Prophecy. Praise YAHUSHUA for this video. There will be many thousands more blessed by this fresh Manna from Heaven! AlleluYAH! May YAHUSHUA bless this Anointed Word of GOD and Prophet Elisabeth Elijah!

  3. Amen Praise Yahushua Mom in YAH~~~ I felt that in your voice, I can see that, that would be amazing to truly witness/be apart of that is an amazing Miracles from Yahuveh~~ Praise Yahushua for this, and I agree on it bringing restoration,I listen to it today, and it really is encouraging and always makes me teary. Our Father Loves us, and for those who cant see, these are Truly his Words spoken forth through his Handmaiden Prophet Elizabeath its a shame you cant

  4. I feel restored each time I listen to it. After I Prophecy I have to listen to what was spoken I truly don’t remember. Usually you will hear me take a deep breath afterwards it is like I am not breathing whole time I am speaking, I am in a Heavenly realm its like I am not breathing oxygen it doesn’t make sense, hard to explain. I am in awe of the gift of Tongues ,Words are not mine.3 things happen speak in tongues,hear message,speak English all at same time a miracle

  5. I am hated as prophet of YAH, so were all Prophets of old. Even YAHUSHUA was called devil slandered with lies by Hebrews. It is no different Fake Christians,Atheists/Satanists do the same to me. If I were serving satan I would not be slandered by liars, if I said don’t worry about sinning I would belong to satan! Before we gave our life to YAHUSHUA/JESUS CHRIST it was impossible to obey. No one forces us to sin, it is a choice we make daily proving our love for YAHUSHUA.

  6. great video and it is so good to see you love the Lord with all of your heart and soul, keep telling the world about Jesus I subbed wiht you and also gave you a channel comment and like on your video please be nice and do the same God bless You Knight

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