Don't go big on social media – use insights to go smart

Don't go big on social media – use insights to go smart
A report covered exclusively in Marketing Week shows the link between social media activity and purchasing and how it affects the products that people buy. The study reveals that more than four in 10 social media users buy products they like or share …
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4 Things About Social Media I Learned The Hard Way
Social media lets you do something very similar. One can now talk to whomever they're interested in and engage in meaningful conversations. If you're an online marketing enthusiast, befriend the online marketing gurus and engage them in meaningful …
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Social Media Marketing for B2B Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]
Twitter accounts for 82 percent of all social media-originated leads and Facebook accounts for 54 percent of all social media-source site visits. These two factors are essential parts of social media marketing for a business-to-business or B2B company.
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