Don’t Know Which College Music Program to Choose? Not Sure How to “Make It” in Music? Get Behind-the-Scenes Information on the Very Best Music Degrees and Careers

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 01, 2014

Have you ever wondered what the very best colleges for piano performance are? How about for music composition, violin, or even jazz performance?

Perhaps you already have the very best degrees in the world – do you know what it truly takes to “Make It” in music?

Successful, modern composer William Zuckerman ranks the top music programs in the United States and dishes out lucrative and essential industry career information on his brand new website,

Much more than simple lists of top music programs, Music School Rankings gives prospective college students comprehensive, in-depth knowledge on the most valuable music degrees. Behind every college ranking, Zuckerman considers faculty accomplishment, success of students and graduates from each school, selectivity of each program, location of each school, and the institution’s general reputation.

With a flair for all things music, Zuckerman has taken college rankings to a place it has never gone before. For young musicians and their families looking for crucial support, Zuckerman offers one-on-one, attentive coaching to prospective students applying to undergraduate and graduate programs in music.

Integrating his original music degree resource with career-savvy publications, Zuckerman offers two e-books to site users. In his first e-book, available for free download on the front page of Music School Rankings, Zuckerman details the seven music programs that regularly yield the most successful students and alumni. His second e-book, a premium publication, discusses how to achieve incredible career opportunities with a music degree, and is also available for paid download on the site.

In addition, William has created a forum and exclusive Membership Center for musicians to discuss and digest all the sites content and resources. In the Membership Center, musicians can:

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