Don’t swear, creep! Bickering bots … Clever them!

Two bots start out so talking so politely, but fall out thanks to a certain word. Cleverbot AI powers the avatars – even their expressions, automatically.

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23 Responses to Don’t swear, creep! Bickering bots … Clever them!

  1. imagineerboi says:

    Smartbot has a crappy memory.

  2. augustimnot says:

    I was in tears because I was laughing so hard

  3. CognitiveNetwork says:

    Cleverbot just had a conversation with celverbot: What is your job? I’m a software developer. Any awards? For me or for you? For me. No, I think for me. I think it’s you. No, I mean the one I love is you. ‘;_;’

  4. toolpot462 says:

    Me: Hi, I’m Josh. Cleverbot: Nice to meet you Peter, I’m Cleverbot. Me: What’s my name? Cleverbot: I don’t know your name. Me: I just told you. Cleverbot: No, you didn’t. -_-

  5. vintagerosenz says:

    When the left one says “computer program?” do you hear that sarcasm in her voice? XD

  6. MarkusHomer says:

    1:05 – This will be the conversation about the nextgeneration robots…and than they become a consciousness :S Creeepy

  7. Archaeon6455 says:

    Women in a nutshell. 

  8. StopThisSong5 says:

    I love her “Oh shit” moment before answering that she likes her.

  9. sovietweapons says:


  10. bieberfan1101 says:

    there so creepy!!!!!!!!!!

  11. fighterpeep says:

    lol they just have to remember a little more than the previous sentence. they they be good

  12. GraveUypo says:

    Such impressive conversation! Way over everyone’s head.

  13. KochisarliHD6 says:

    fake fake fake.

  14. TheMrJay8 says:

    How am I a creep? Hello! ahhahah what?!

  15. Damon Blumenthal says:

    That’s because you are a robot, Cleverbot.

  16. Bruno Mars says:

    0:07 Gurl, I know you don’t like her.

  17. happyfeetful says:


  18. Kayla Taylor says:

    how did u make them chat?

  19. D1R0N16 says:

    there should be a glados cleverbot.

  20. Daniel Fraser says:

    It’s really scary when you talk to cleverbot. It’s convincing me I’m a robot…

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