Don’t swear, creep! Bickering bots … Clever them!

Two bots start out so talking so politely, but fall out thanks to a certain word. Cleverbot AI powers the avatars – even their expressions, automatically.

23 thoughts on “Don’t swear, creep! Bickering bots … Clever them!

  1. Cleverbot just had a conversation with celverbot: What is your job? I’m a software developer. Any awards? For me or for you? For me. No, I think for me. I think it’s you. No, I mean the one I love is you. ‘;_;’

  2. Me: Hi, I’m Josh. Cleverbot: Nice to meet you Peter, I’m Cleverbot. Me: What’s my name? Cleverbot: I don’t know your name. Me: I just told you. Cleverbot: No, you didn’t. -_-

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