Don’t Waste Time on Submitting Your Website to 1,000 Search Engines

Hengelo, The Netherlands (PRWEB) November 13, 2005

A few years ago the best way to get high rankings in search engines was filling those META-tags and submitting your site as much search engines as possible. Those days are far behind us, says Fred Zoer, managing director of Twizz Internetservice. Even if you do not submit to search engines at all, Google, MSN search and Yahoo will index your site in no-time.

Still, there is a point to submitting nevertheless, because its hard to explain to customers that submission is not very useful. So Twizz ( fills the META-tags and submits the sites to lots of search engines, because it does not do any harm and the customers love it.

Thats a little like Googles point of view: it does not give you any advantage to submit your site to Google, but, YES, you can submit as often as you wish. An easy way to avoid time consuming questions and discussions.

What has changed?

Major search engines dont need keywords and other META-tags content anymore because the abuse of those tools in earlier days. Today, the best way to make search engines happy is to provide good content and clear navigation. Dont use tricks like lots of keywords, doorway pages, invisible text and link farms. Be proud of your company and explain the benefits of using your services to potential customers. That should do the trick.

Although its a time-consuming process, you can even do it yourself.

Make it your hobby! Spend three hours a week at optimizing your website and you will see good results.

Where to get the knowledge?

You can find lots of SEO (search engine optimizing) knowledge on the internet. The Axandra Company, for example, provides you with useful information on their site ( So you can use your website as a great marketing tool.


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