Dougie's Friday mailbag

Dougie's Friday mailbag
The delusional Top Rank owner never seems to miss an opportunity to bad mouth the most talented fighter in his stable. Stating that; “With (Guillermo) Rigondeaux, I have a problem. You can't really blame the network. The rating for the Kirkland-Tapia …
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It's a 'do or die' situation for Pakistan
Many top religious, scholars, intellectuals, writers, journalists, professors, doctors, social workers, school children, tourists, politicians, parliamentarians, police officers, top rank army officers to ordinary policemen have been targeted and …
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Porn star tries to prank pizza guy by answering door in lingerie…then things
I feel bad for everyone in this video…the porn girl, the pizza man, the camera guy. Just a barrage of awkward situations here. Either way, porn girl Tamara Grace tried to prank a pizza guy by taking her order in her lingerie. Then things got weird …
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