Downtown New York

Downtown New York

Image by sreevishnu
A view of New York downtown from Prospect Heights on a cloudy day.

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  1. SOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!! excuse me ,um… i’m the holder of Neverland,a student group in Shanghai High School. We’re now planning to hold a photo show about "Round the World" in our school, in order to welcome the cming expo. can i have the right to use the picture as one of the photos which will be on show?of course we’ll print ur name( sreevishnu?) or anything u want on the pic. besides,we are going to print a set of pictures to make a photo album.also,can i use this pic?cuz i really love it …. looking forward to hearing from u ~!

  2. I look to your picture and i snug as a bug in a rug! …thanks for this amazing picture, i put it to my favorites!!! Please look at my pictures and tell me when you like them. From an awesome photographer like you i would like to read something about my work! regards from Germany –Oliver–

  3. Thank you, Oliver. I’m really, really humbled by what you say. I don’t think I deserve it 🙂 I’ve added you as a contact – we can certainly learn from each other. – Vish

  4. very beautiful photo… u made sth special…. can u tell me where were u when u took this photo?? (the name of area) so as to try to take a photo like this in november when i will go in new york?? off course i will not manage to have so perfect result… thank in advance andreas from greece send me an email at or a flickr mail….

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