Dr. K: BDD sufferers are preoccupied with physical defects

Dr. K: BDD sufferers are preoccupied with physical defects
There are several self-test questionnaires available online (just type “body dysmorphic disorder” into a search engine). I don't know of any evidence that one is better than another. People with BDD won't always be persuaded by the results of a self …
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How To Compile A Top-Notch Competitive Analysis For Search
Perform a search for each target keyword, and note the websites that appear on the first page of search results. When we identify these sites, we are only creating an initial list of competitors. The list can later be narrowed down to include just the …
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Good news mobile users as Google bolsters its mobile search speed
When a mobile user searches something on the Google search engine, webpages employing AMP specifics will come into view in the Top Stories part of the results page. Google stated that optimized webpages will be basically four times faster and will …
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