Dr. Konstantin Korotkov on Consciousness

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8 thoughts on “Dr. Konstantin Korotkov on Consciousness

  1. “I have never had any problems telling my imagination from reality on acid.” Thats the point you retard you are supposed to think it is real. All my friends that have done acid acknowledge this. Why does all of Korotkov’s ( no I ain’t calling him a doctor) propaganda on youtube have shit music and text over everything that is supposed to be important and/or evidence?

  2. Haha. Dude, you cannot just assume that you know everything there is to know about LSD. Don’t tell me that you cannot share a consciousness while on acid. We were testing it for hours and had a sober person in the room, that only confirmed our tests. I have never had any problems telling my imagination from reality on acid. And we’ve had telepathic sessions a numerous of times since then. There are thousands of others that have. Go watch /watch?v=-IvtZgrRk7k

  3. it probably was an amazing experience, but remember that it’s the idea of what’s happening, when you drop acid, that is beautiful. You don’t share thoughts on LSD, but the idea of doing it, is enough; it’s important to tell imagination from reality, but of course very difficult, when you are influenced by LSD

  4. I have tried sharing consciousness, with my friend on a medium-strong dose of LSD. If I would have a thought, he would have it too, and we wouldn’t even know from which of us it originated. It was not mind-reading, but actual shared consciousness. My girlfriend was there, completely sober, and they day after I talked to her and she explained that there did happen some quite extraordinary that night 🙂

  5. We are soul, the spiritual being, we have the mind and the body. Exactly what Scientology is proving again and again for 6 decades. Thank you for posting the video. This will bring awareness to at least some people.

  6. what if a soul was like being psychic , so you could receive other people thought feelings and emotions , With a meme any belief can be created , as Steven in lord of the flies went to find the devil and it was a parachute and the other boys killed him , these devils gods are created as a meme and then a morph , how can it get any better than that

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