Dr McCoy by SPOCK Lyrics

I could not find a single Lyrics video for this song. =( For shame, for shame, fellow Trekkies, this is such an awesome song, why would you deprive the world of a lyrics video to it? As usual, I do not own this song and am not generating any money from it. The song belongs to the band SPOCK and I’m just a geek who makes videos in her spare time.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to Dr McCoy by SPOCK Lyrics

  1. tobias2287 says:

    I was born in ’92, but thanks to dad and his video collection I’ve seen every episode of the original series. My favorite has to be The Trouble with Tribbles. I’m also a fan of the newer Star Trek, TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. I’ve also seen the entire animated series, and have a technical schematic of the original (Constitution class) Enterprise on my wall.

  2. Sarah Messer says:

    Holy crap, this song is perfect

  3. MakaSkys says:

    McCoy needed a song…badly :) I want this song!! i really want it! and I need it! so badly

  4. Loki Odinson says:

    I sing this everyday to my friends. They dred that time of day..

  5. obiwanobiwan13 says:

    Played by the late DeForest Kelly, Told an android to “treat this ship like a lady!” Just an ol’ country doctor Who likes to drink Bourbon– Back wakin’ up the dead As played by Karl Urban! He’s a DOCTOR! Not a physicist… ^Updated 😉 Long Live Bones! 

  6. Matteo Turner says:

    Though I guess its just some of his quotes and most of his exploits and adventures.

  7. Matteo Turner says:

    Why do McCoy’s quotes make such a good song!? Its just so perfect!

  8. nuttygirl2001 says:

    Anyone who calls themselves a Trekkie isn’t a real Trekker :p

  9. MrRolemaster says:

    2 people need a Doctor. Badly.

  10. psychosaria says:

    demmit keptain i am ze nawigator not ze doctor!!!

  11. FanahtheFox333 says:

    Lol I love Dr.Mcoy!!

  12. Nora Lucas says:

    Damn it, Jim, I’m a Trekkie, not a Trekker!

  13. KapStuf says:

    Dammit Jim I’m a…fan of the band now!

  14. Lazarus L says:

    @valoy thanks for posting, always interesting to see where made up words (or in this case diseases) are derived from :)

  15. Lazarus L says:

    Interesting, hadn’t heard of this band before. Though I am quite a new trekk(er?ie? Haven’t decided)* quite new to the fandom. Cool tune though!

  16. SuperRetronerd says:

    Damn it Jim I’m a trekie not a treker!

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