dragonball raging blast SPAMMER – Serp 77 【Armor and randon vanish items】

this dude is the cheapest scrub on db.rb hes rank 16 in the world and plays like this.he only plays H ranks because hes so sh*t at the game.he also quits iv …
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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23 Responses to dragonball raging blast SPAMMER – Serp 77 【Armor and randon vanish items】

  1. IVSPaRTaVI says:

    He is the biggest Spammer in RB1 and RB2 !!! He wont Play with me because i will defeat him !

  2. vicente verdugo says:

    me da gusto que todos opinen igual que yo

  3. vicente verdugo says:

    yo no verdad

  4. vicente verdugo says:

    ese idiota de omega daniel es una basura y serp 77 tambien opino igual que tu 

  5. gregsimus says:

    “i thought i already told you” Lmfao. Fuck these spamming bitches.

  6. The640Roadster says:

    exaclty. i win a lot world tournaments on hard mode to earn d-points and items. but when it comes comes to online, things turns into completely shit. the worst is being stunpunched and get your back turned in front of your opponent so you can do nothing. fucking idiots they are. better play with friends than against ashsoles.

  7. Tavio Casillas says:

    Well he had the skill to defeat you

  8. Che-maurice Blake Blake says:

    Shadez I thought he already told you…NO MERCY! I don’t think he can tell you anymore times. Just watching this vid again, it’s me Mituamurai, it’s a shame he doesn’t get to fight you how you are now.

  9. EternalDahaka says:


  10. Pomponianus Vesuvius says:

    but he already told you no mercy

  11. Kevdaillest says:

    armor and vanishing items are handycaps there for people who are pussys and can;t do crap by them selves that they need help to fight ha.

  12. Kevdaillest says:

    Yes exactly thats wat i think too

  13. RandomGamer1793 says:

    This vid reminds me of when i was fighting a bardock spammer, except everytime i got up the move was spammed on me…….i couldnt move, but then again i wasnt very good at it

  14. ShadezDemon88 says:

    daniel omega y 77 serp son los mayores spammers de Raging Blast

  15. daniel15284 says:

    todos os españoles son bien espamer empesando por el marica de omega daniel es elmas espamer de todos

  16. ujbb24 says:

    youve already beaten me :(

  17. 803bman says:

    Hey, it’s your fault for using gogeta, who’s melee style is EXTREMELY sloppy. A good character to counter a melee spammer with is ssj vegeta. He has very fast charge and is a very strong attacker. He can hold his own against ssj2 gohan.

  18. ujbb24 says:

    the worst part is that he uses the cheapest character in the game serp=noob

  19. 617macky says:

    send message

  20. Son Gogeta says:

    dude super vegeta is the best on the game lol i bet you dont even got a vid of you beatin him must be a sore loser XD

  21. ujbb24 says:

    ill play u 

  22. R4KiLLeR says:

    @ShadezDemon88 I know this game is old but how did he have high tension at the start of the game?

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