Dragons of Zynth, Bowmont

Dragons of Zynth, Bowmont
Event on 2013-06-13 21:00:00

Supporting Acts: Echorev

Dragons of Zynth

The long awaited return of Brooklyn’s Dragons of Zynth has arrived. Performing their first international show in 3 years, the band has just touched down from the UK's ATP festival, sharing a bill with esteemed hip hop legends De La Soul, Death Grips and Doom. Formed in 2007, Dragons of Zynth, also known as “D.O.Z.”, The band is fronted by twins, Aku and Akwetey O.T. with Chicago native Jason B. Lucas aka ‘Bizza’ on drums. Having trained classically since the age of 5, Aku and his twin began playing together after studying music theory and performance with legendary saxophonist/flutist Yusef Lateef. Later travels to Ghana and South America (respectively) gave the young men new lenses with which to hone their craft. Returning to New York, the two began unearthing their own songs engaging Lateef’s “auto-physio-psychic” understanding of music, carving new sounds out of rhythms and melodies at once familiar and far out. As early demos took form, the band’s live shows in Brooklyn began catching the attention of New York’s burgeoning music scene. It is with their first demo recordings that D.O.Z. won notice, catching the eye of Yeah Yeah Yeahs producer David Andrew Sitek. After a run of highly touted New York shows the Dragons were tapped by the TV on The Radio producer to complete their debut, 2007's Coronation Thieves. The album features guest appearances by Celebration, TV on the Radio, and Antibalas. Following their debut the band was invited by Bristol group Massive Attack to join their Heliogland vocal sessions.This overseas trip sparked two years of international touring with the band going on to share stages with Television, Yeasayer, Modest Mouse, Grizzly Bear, and The Roots. In 2010 the band announced a hiatus to begin writing their sophomore effort and pur¬sue personal projects. After being noticed by a casting agent on tour, the twins made their foray onscreen later that year. An appearance in the Robert Pattin¬son produced Remember Me soon led to featured roles Zynth crooners. Akwetey landed a spot as a labor striker in season two of Boardwalk Empire, and Aku appears in his onscreen debut as ‘’Fast Kid’’ in Lex Sidon’s feature Grand Street. Off the screen the brothers commenced DOZ studio sessions in Brooklyn and Los Angeles while collaborating and touring with friends. Aku fea¬tures on ‘’Tiger’’ off the debut album of Maximum Balloon producer David Sitek. The album features contributions by Celebration’s Katrina Ford, The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O,and David Byrne. In 2011 Aku was invited by Santi White of Santigold to play both bass and keys on her worldwide Master of My Make Believe tour. Back in full swing multi-insturmentalist and vocal¬ist Aku is now producing the yet to be named Dragons full-length. As the band preps for its release members continue collaborative work. In June 2013 the band will appear in Grosse Fatigue by French artist Camille Henrot. The sound and video installation is commissioned by the Venice Biennial. D.O.Z.'s sophomore release is expected in the Fall of 2013.


Started as a studio project in early 2012 by Danish born singer & multi-instrumentalist Emil Bovbjerg and Grammy award-winning engineer & producer Jeremy Loucas, Bowmont is a 5 piece eclectic electro-rock collective from Brooklyn, NY. While working and expanding on a collection of demos by Bovbjerg, the producer duo joined forces with Mon Khmer guitarist Elias Meister and others on the Brooklyn music scene. As a writer Bovbjerg comes experienced in widely differing disciplines like orchestral & wind ensemble writing, but here relies fundamentally on his own voice as the main vehicle and delves into a much more personal rock, electro & pop influenced approach to songwriting. Audibly freed from restrictions and composed in broad strokes and vivid colors, the songs are carefully crafted simplicity, the production painstakingly rich in detail and lyrics like condensed manuscripts laced with film-like imagery. The band’s singles ‘Ruphmiup’ and ‘Look Closely’ have sparked the attention of notable blogs and radio stations in Europe and the U.S. Their debut EP ‘Euphorian Age’ was released on February 17, 2013. This Band That Band called it “a remarkably complete and assured piece of work from these relative newcomers. Like any solid release, it feels like a journey, in fact it feels far more like a proper album than an introductory EP.”

at Mercury Lounge
217 East Houston Street
New York, United States

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