Dream high2 Park seo jun

드림하이2 박서준.

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18 Responses to Dream high2 Park seo jun

  1. Pamela Wangcharoenrat says:

    Came here becuz of ‘Witch’s Romance’

  2. Andzelika Kybartaite says:

    cool song. <3 :*

  3. Adlyna Areez says:

    I bet JB, Jr. and Mark didn’t see it coming. After two years of dream high, they’re in the same boyband, GOT7 !!!!!!

  4. missjunho99 says:

    park seo joon park seo joon park seo joon jr jr jb jb got7..hahha

  5. Realkornflakes says:

    park seo joon <3 ;)

  6. rose - kryptonite says:

    park seo joon <3

  7. Mouna Wooz says:

    JB and Park seo joo they are very sexy (#^.^#)

  8. Galang Nguyen says:


  9. Ibtihal Maqrote says:

    Dream high is the best kdrama

  10. Miss Meme says:

    park seo joon is so handsome here

  11. ประชา สินทรพย์ไพศาล says:

    JB and park Seo jun they are very handsome and sexsy >_< From Ploy ^*^ >*<

  12. park qri says:

    Ilove you

  13. Lee Sang Sang says:

    What the song?

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