13 Replies to “Dreamweaver Tutorial: Meta Tags and Search Engine Optimization -HD-”

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  2. does each page in the website have its own tags, like content, Keywords, and Title? and if so then how do I stop the dream weaver Template from updating the tags in every page when I make changes in the Template? should the Tags be in the edditable part of the template so they can be different in every page?

  3. can someone who is experienced with HTML and building a website please help me out? I have a few questions on how to create a search box to only search on my website. I am new to coding but very interested in learning so I don’t really know much. If you can help you can contact me on skype would be best my name it TeamOneBillion

  4. Hi, great tutorials man!! Very helpful. Could you do one explaining how to make a HTML newsletter on Dreamweaver? Furthermore, is it possible to do one that explains how to do the SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE button to implement on weebly? I have my whole website made with weebly but I really need to know how to implement subscribe/unsubscribe newsletter database on that. Sorry if my questions are a bit confuse. Thanks!!!

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