Dreamweaver Tutorial: Meta Tags and Search Engine Optimization -HD-

Dreamweaver Tutorial: Meta Tags and Search Engine Optimization -HD-

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add meta tags Dreamweaver CS5 that will allow your web pages to be better found by search engines. Be sure to SUBSCRI…
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13 Responses to Dreamweaver Tutorial: Meta Tags and Search Engine Optimization -HD-

  1. Casualz F S says:

    Like you said at the end AWESOME! :D

  2. Buntin Forshee says:

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  3. John Arias says:


  4. Jack Buck says:

    Great Video, How long does it take for the google to work out? Thank You :)

  5. PureCreativeDesigns says:

    ive been wanting to know this for a while!, thank you 😀

  6. Isidro junior says:

    does each page in the website have its own tags, like content, Keywords, and Title? and if so then how do I stop the dream weaver Template from updating the tags in every page when I make changes in the Template? should the Tags be in the edditable part of the template so they can be different in every page?

  7. Joel Rivera says:

    Thanks and there can not be a better explanation for this.

  8. Brooke Lynn says:

    “Sunny Food”

  9. Brooke Lynn says:

    can someone who is experienced with HTML and building a website please help me out? I have a few questions on how to create a search box to only search on my website. I am new to coding but very interested in learning so I don’t really know much. If you can help you can contact me on skype would be best my name it TeamOneBillion

  10. mthimkhulo says:

    this dude has some serious relevant tutorials…i like

  11. Slashnine says:

    very usefull video thank alot :)…this is gold!!!

  12. Progressive Head says:

    Hi, great tutorials man!! Very helpful. Could you do one explaining how to make a HTML newsletter on Dreamweaver? Furthermore, is it possible to do one that explains how to do the SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE button to implement on weebly? I have my whole website made with weebly but I really need to know how to implement subscribe/unsubscribe newsletter database on that. Sorry if my questions are a bit confuse. Thanks!!!

  13. United Computers says:

    In CS5, you can avoid using code by going Insert,HTML,Head Tags and choose Keywords or Description.

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