Drive Kit Plus for the Mercedes-Benz Integrates iPhone into the Dash Display | Mercedes-Benz Hertfordshire

Stevenage, London, UK (PRWEB UK) 31 January 2013

Drivers around the world struggle with the ability to stay in touch when they are behind the wheel of a car. For safety reasons, people cannot use Facebook and Twitter on their mobile devices when they are driving on the roads. With the new Drive Kit Plus, there is no need to stay disconnected from anyone. Additionally, the Drive Kit Plus is a fully integrated satellite navigation display, replacing the need for a Becker navigation installation.

The Drive Kit Plus has been designed specifically for the new A-Class, making it a true innovator in the compact premium market. The Drive Kit Plus integrates a drivers iPhone into the display, allowing for audio prompts to tell the computer system what to do. Safety is paramount voice prompts on demand reduce the risk of drivers being distracted by the new experience.

Drivers everywhere want to be able to keep up with whats going on within Facebook and Twitter, but fail to due to being behind the wheel. Since using the phone while driving is illegal, the Drive Kit Plus provides a legal way for drivers of the new A-Class Mercedes to get the information they need while driving. The feeds and comments are read through the speakers in the Mercedes, not from the phone. As a result, drivers will be able to hear the entire message.

Drivers will have access to the system via the command console, with the ability to voice many of the commands. Additionally, commands are confirmed to ensure a person wants to post or re-tweet something before the action is carried through.

While specifically designed for the new A-Class, the B-Class and CLAClass Mercedes will have the option to install as well.

The technology allows a person to stay connected with Facebook and Twitter in real-time. Facebook News Feed can be checked and read aloud, allowing a driver to focus on the road instead of staring down at the screen. Comments can also be posted, including from a pre-determined list. On Twitter, timelines can be read aloud and comments can be made and posts can be re-tweeted.

Drive Kit Plus also uses Glympse, which shares the current route of the driver with others, which allows friends, family or co-workers to know where a driver is, where they are headed and what time they can be expected at their destination.

Standard satellite navigation consoles can be enhanced by allowing this app to bring the nav screen and the iPhone together. Even the used Mercedes C-Class can benefit from this if there is a nav screen in place. With so many individuals holding iPhones in their hands, this provides a safe way to stay in touch and being hands-free at the same time.

Drive Kit Plus are innovators in this field of technology. There is not only Google Maps in the car but it also integrates social network directly into the vehicle itself. The new onboard entertainment system retails for under

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