Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

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25 Responses to Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

  1. danteareynolds says:

    Best prank I have seen in a long time.

  2. badbluegirl09 says:

    😀 I looooooved that girl’s laughing voice!! (what the heck is going on)

  3. noahrp24 says:

    One of the reasons my I love black people working at McDonald’s

  4. Vaios Karpathakis says:

    Dont eat at MacDonald’s

  5. rafa20 says:

    1:08 I love girl with that kind of voice :3

  6. Derek Trogdon says:

    how did you drive up and know to stop ?

  7. XxBomerdudexX says:

    LOL Why would they instagram it?

  8. Joshua Goldberg says:

    at 2:45 if the first time the lady did not notice nobody was there, what makes her think the second, third, and FOURTH time he will be.

  9. poopsack01mg says:


  10. Rocio Portilla says:

    Lol the guy at 2:35 lol favorite

  11. richardsadilek says:

    i mean the other way round XD

  12. richardsadilek says:

    It’s like the nerdy approach: turn it on and off again

  13. Malcolm Hatfield says:

    Instagram dat joint 

  14. deick1raiter says:

    Ребятки, очень нужна поддержка, кому интересно помочь перейдите по ссылке, Группа только вчера открылась, но не закроется никогда! Будет много интересного, заходите! Будем рады каждому)

  15. gui1alves says:

    am i trippin or smth?

  16. BadF16Boy says:

    please do the same prank but talk every time !!!

  17. Adam Fletcher says:

    im going to try that

  18. greekmonstervt91 says:

    “oh snap” lmao… I wish to see reactions of them while they are high at work then having them see an empty car pull up

  19. Dayanara Martinez says:

    i love the blonde’s reaction! PRICELESS…

  20. Jimmy Nguyen says:

    Am I trippin son? LMFAO

  21. SoniiczFLloWz says:

    you should have actually ordered something LOL

  22. jd62908 says:

    2:23 tyler the creator

  23. iamfat1217 says:

    oh snap 

  24. anthony house says:

    Ok you got me—

  25. Berk YILDIZ says:


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