Driver’s Ed :: Social Media Basics

Driver’s Ed :: Social Media Basics
Event on 2015-01-14 18:00:00

Running a small business can mean long days, endless to-do lists, and not a lot of room for extras. Where does social media fit in then? Social media is more than selfies and Candy Crush – it’s an essential tool for all small businesses. Whether you’re looking to grow your audience, maintain relationships with current clients, or stay “in the game”, presence on social media is a must.

At our ‘Driver’s Ed :: Social Media Basics’ workshop we’ll help get you started. Our team will bring you through the platforms that are out there, which ones may be right for your business, and some overall best practices for social media. Trust us, you don’t have to spend 8 hours a day Tweeting.

If a more detailed ‘how to’ is what you’re looking for head over to our other workshops. We’ve got you covered there too.

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